Malaysia – Microsegmentation Project for a Challenger Mobile Operator

Client Context:

Our client wanted to identify and prioritize micro-segments based on consumers’ digital usage patterns, in order to develop and launch targeted digital solutions


Evaluate the profitability of each potential micro-segment

Assess the micro-segments which were under-served with high growth potential

Identify the prioritized consumer micro-segments for our client to target

What we did to help:

  • We developed a research methodology which analysed digital usage from two opposing perspectives:
    • Consumer derived data (primary research based on survey results as well as evaluation of other internal research done by our client)
    • Site-based cookie data (we analysed cookie data across a broad range of categories derived from online market research agencies, covering at least 80% of the market through its basket of selection)
  • We broke down the customer segments by income groups and age brackets to identify trends which were specific to each micro-segment
  • We applied value filters to evaluate the potential market size based on both quantitative aspects (interaction volume, spending amount) as well as qualitative aspects (growth potential, competitiveness landscape and local flavor)
  • We recommended the highest potential segments for our client and proposed relevant digital products to meet each segment’s needs

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