What are the video viewing habits of Gen Z in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s mobile market is highly saturated with strong competition between operators often leading to prolonged pricing wars....

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How telcos can sell more than connectivity services with their IoT offerings

With forecasts targeting USD 1.5 trillion in revenues by 2020, it’s no surprise telcos are developing their IoT enterprise strategies and rushing....

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What is driving SVOD growth in China?

For OTT video service providers in South East Asia struggling to monetize their platforms, China may serve as a beacon of hope....

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Analyst View: Q&A with Pioneer Consulting Asia Managing Director Virat Patel

Many telcos have barely started commercialising 4G networks and they are facing commercial pressure from rapidly falling voice and SMS revenue....

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How can content providers leverage AI to enhance their content hit rate?

To outsiders, it may seem as though Netflix simply chooses to create content that it thinks “subscribers might like”. The truth is more complex....

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Will anyone pay for online content?

Online video viewing is increasing across South East Asia. Recent research has shown that urban consumers in the majority of markets in this region are already spending...

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