Cracking Peer to peer Lending in South East Asia’s emerging markets

P2P lending has become the next big thing in Fintech with the likes of Funding Circle and Zapo raising millions at unicorn valuations. The fervour has spread to South East Asia...

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Are block-chain dependent digital currencies the answer to providing financial services to the unbanked?

Ever since Vodafone's mobile money initiative M-Pesa took off in Kenya in 2007, investors, conglomerates, and entrepreneurs alike have tried to replicate that success in developing countries...

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Increasing revenue through targeting micro customer segments

It was not too long ago when mobile operators commanded the end-to-end product space for their customer,where the typical products consumed were mainly voice and SMS, and to some extent, data...

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A media company’s guide to targeting the youth community in Asia

Reaching out to and engaging the youth audience has become a key focus area for advertisers and hence media companies in Asia, where the youth segment is increasingly large and affluent...

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DIY mobile plans: How telcos can get them right

‘DIY plans’ which allow subscribers to tailor their plans to their usage have recently emerged in India and some Southeast Asian markets. These ‘DIY plans’ allows highly personalised mobile plans...

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Multi-Channel Networks are emerging in South East Asia…but how will they grow and flourish?

Digital video is experiencing strong growth in South East Asia, with Vietnam and Philippines experiencing the highest growth in the region...

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