Mobile Video Preferences in Myanmar - Highlights

Just three years ago, mobile penetration in Myanmar was below 10% with only one service provider in the market. Today there are 3 major players with a new 4th player...

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Is 5G a solution looking for a problem?

Many telcos have barely started rolling out 4G networks and already there is talk of the next set of advanced services that could be enabled by a 5G network...

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IoT Opportunities for Telcos – beyond connectivity are there any revenues for telcos?

As telcos look for alternative revenue sources, (Internet of Things) IoT represents a major business opportunity for them...

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How can Pay-TV operators leverage the popularity of eSports?

eSports serves as an excellent channel for media companies and telcos with Pay-TV offerings to re-engage with the traditionally hard-to-reach millennials...

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OTT Video Series: Measuring the right metrics for OTT platforms

The old saying, “content is king” is as true for OTT video services as it is for Pay TV. But when it comes to OTT, the value of data analytics cannot be underestimated...

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Live Premium Sports on OTT: Finding the winning touch

One of the key competitive advantages Pay TV players have had on Over-The-Top (OTT) services run by mobile network operators (MNOs) and independent platforms is the rights to air premium live sports content such as EPL...

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