Can online advertising be profitable for small to midsized OTT video players?

The rapid rise of internet users in the past decade has paved the way for online advertising to flourish. Its predicted that online ad spending will eclipse 200 B USD globally...

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The case for combining blockchain technology with IoT

IoT represents the next major business opportunity across a wide range of industries, from car manufacturing to home construction to shipping....

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Online video trends in Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos

Online video viewing is increasing in many key markets in South East Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. In the Philippines, surveys...

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Sizing (uncertain) IoT opportunities in South East Asia needs a robust approach

Telcos, software developers, hardware manufacturers and appliance manufacturers are developing and launching products to tap into IoT’s potential. However...

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How do OTT players prioritize non-traditional distribution channels?

In many markets, OTT video content is distributed through telcos or directly to consumers. However, with many OTT video content providers competing...

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What are the key elements of a smart city deployment?

The concept of a Smart City centres on leveraging advanced technologies to facilitate efficient city management, spur economic opportunities, and address pertinent...

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