Sizing (uncertain) IoT opportunities in South East Asia needs a robust approach

Telcos, software developers, hardware manufacturers and appliance manufacturers are developing and launching products to tap into IoT’s potential. However...

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How do OTT players prioritize non-traditional distribution channels?

In many markets, OTT video content is distributed through telcos or directly to consumers. However, with many OTT video content providers competing...

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What are the key elements of a smart city deployment?

The concept of a Smart City centres on leveraging advanced technologies to facilitate efficient city management, spur economic opportunities, and address pertinent...

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Mobile Video Preferences in Myanmar - Highlights

Just three years ago, mobile penetration in Myanmar was below 10% with only one service provider in the market. Today there are 3 major players with a new 4th player...

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Is 5G a solution looking for a problem?

Many telcos have barely started rolling out 4G networks and already there is talk of the next set of advanced services that could be enabled by a 5G network...

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IoT Opportunities for Telcos – beyond connectivity are there any revenues for telcos?

As telcos look for alternative revenue sources, (Internet of Things) IoT represents a major business opportunity for them...

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